Trekking Belt (Non-Stop Dogwear)

Trekking Belt (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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The Trekking Belt from Non-Stop Dogwear is a traditional belt that sits on the hips and is ideal for dog walking and hiking. 

The belt is well padded around the back and has removable leg straps which can help prevent the belt from rising onto the waist during movement.

The belt has a small loop on the back where you can attach the baggy bag, to ensure you have poo bags readily available during your trip.

To attach your line, please ensure that you use the hook which is designed to attach the  line to the belt and to meet any need for a quick release from the dog. Thread your line through the d-ring loop to keep the line from popping off the hook too easily.

Please note - The d-ring is just a guide to help hold the line to the attachment point on the hook. Do not connect directly to this D-ring: wrong placement of the line to the belt will result in breaking the d-ring from the belt. (see images for further help)

Size S M L
Circumference around hips 74-85 cm 85-138 cm 85-165 cm

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