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We offer a range of dog scooters from Pawtrekker Dog Scooters and Gravity Scooters. Use a dog scooter to exercise, train and condition your active dog.

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Pawtrekker Classic Dog Scooter
Description The Pawtrekker Classic, Front and Rear Disc Brake model has: - Strengthened steel swan...
MUSHING PRO (Gravity Scooters)
Description PLEASE NOTE: This scooter is shipped direct from Spain, please allow 7-14 days for...
£699.00 £640.00
Pawtrekker Full Suspension Dog Scooter
Description This is the smoothest ride as this scooter glides over those potholes and ruts;...
Replacement Brake Cable for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter
Description Replacement Brake Cable for Pawtrekker Scooters. Front: 950 x 1200mm Rear: 1800 x 2050mm ...
Single Sidewalker Attachment (Pawtrekker)
Description Sidewalker attachment comes with, Single Dog Sidewalker Attachment System, Sidewalker Harness, and Sidewalker Carabiners....
Water Bottle Holder for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter
Description A Water Bottle Holder for your Pawtrekker Scooter. Colour: Black (clear just shown in...
Single Sidewalker System Complete Kit (Pawtrekker)
Description If you have a dog who you find it hard to keep up with,...
M10 (Gravity Scooters)
Description The Gravity M10 is a scooter designed for mushing with one, two or three...
£549.00 £525.00
Classic Scootering Set
Description Everything you need to get into Scootering with your dog.  Pawtrekker Classic Scooter -...
Replacement 20" Tyre for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter
Description Replacement tyre for Pawtrekker Classic and Pawtrekker Full Suspension Scooters. Kenda K44 Tyre 20"...
Full Suspension Scootering Set
Description This package is designed with the Pawtrekker Full Suspension Scooter in mind, already have...
Scooter Set (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description All you need to get you out scootering with your dog.  PLEASE ADD HARNESS SIZE...