Pawtrekker Full Suspension Dog Scooter

Pawtrekker Full Suspension Dog Scooter

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This is the smoothest ride as this scooter glides over those potholes and ruts; an ideal model for a 2 dog set up.

This is our unique model featuring:

- Strengthened steel swan necked scooter frame
- Improved and strengthened rear arm
- Rear 900lb shock
- 5.4” ground clearance
- Front suspension forks
- Quick release steel brushbow
- Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
- 3-finger alloy black anodized brake levers
- Quick release front and rear wheels
- Screw on Kraton handle bar grips
- 20" 2.125” tyres
- Bottle Brass-on’s for mounting of bottle holder
- Welded Mounting points for mounting of front and rear mud guards
- Compact when wheels released as rear shock end folds in
- Brake cables are a suitable length to swap to Continental braking set up.

Dimension when complete assembly: 187 x 16 x 108cm

Carton size of packing: 104 x 19 x 63.5cm

Weight = 17kg

Most dogs love to run and run and you may spend most of your walks trying to recall them, or chasing around after them, or if you own a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute, being dragged around on the lead by them! So why not scooter?

Dog Scootering is a growing UK sport and is well established in the States. Cheaper and easier to transport than rigs, they make a great alternative for running dogs such as Huskies and Malamutes. You can be more sociable too, whereas two rigs would be cost prohibitive for one couple, both to buy and to transport, scooters can fit neatly onto a bike rack and you can both enjoy running the trails together. Dog scootering is not just restricted to sled dog breeds and many other breeds of dog enjoy both the physical and mental stimulation offered by training them to run with a scooter, Scooters are considered safer than bikes by many as it is easy to step off and the centre of gravity is lower.


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