Leather Headcollar (Dogmatic)

Leather Headcollar (Dogmatic)

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Luxurious Soft and Lined Leather Dogmatic Headcollar, eliminates pulling and lunging with complete but gentle control. 

Specifically designed for ease of control and comfort to ensure the handler/owner and dog work together as a team.

Your dog will be more controllable, less excitable, will be safer & easier to train and will walk regardless of its size.

Ease of control is also vital for people with strong, large or stubborn breeds. 

The unique registered design means it will not ride up, under or into the eyes which causes distress to your pet and as it is much more comfortably and securely fitted, it avoids any potential dangers for you or your dog.

Care Instructions

To stop the leather from becoming dried out and brittle and the stitches rotting the dogmatic headcollar should be kept in good condition with a good quality glycerine based leather restorer and preserver on a regular basis. 

The DOGMATIC® should fit snugly around your dog’s face and behind the ears. You should fasten the buckle up behind the ears, so as to get maximum two fingers underneath. The Dogmatic should not move about the face or ride up at all once the lead is attached and however much your dog pulls. If this seems to be the case, please try an alternative size.

APPROXIMATE SIZING GUIDE – The measurements are for the range in a good fit - if your breed is very 'jowly' or particularly hairy, give a little extra room around the muzzle to make sure it is comfortable.



Nose Measurement (inches)

Neck Measurement (inches)


8” – 9”

 13” – 17”


8” – 9”

18” – 25”


10” – 11”

16” – 23”


11” – 12”

21” – 28”


13” – 15 ”

18” – 26”


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