Tick Remover (Long Paws)

Tick Remover (Long Paws)

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tick remover that fits inconspicuously on your keychain.

TickPick is a simple, easy to use tick remover that you can carry on your key-chain. TickPick is safe and effective for removal of 99% of ticks and has been designed for removal of ticks from humans and pets of all sizes. TickPick is the tick remover that fits inconspicuously on your keychain, so you'll never lose it and it's always available.

TickPick has rounded end prongs so they won't hurt you, your dog or whatever other animal you are removing the tick from.

TickPick is extremely simple to use, and has been tried and tested by the vets at the WorldWide Veterinary Service (wvs.org.uk) on local UK & European ticks and larger ticks in India and Africa. A real life saver!

Ticks are small blood sucking creatures. They tend to either climb or fall on to their unsuspecting victim. Ticks can carry a number of infectious diseases including Lime Disease and Tick-Borne Encephalitis, and can pass these infections to their host through their saliva. Carrying a tick remover whether walking with your pet, horse riding, hiking, or playing outdoor sports, is highly recommended.

Technical Details

  • Made from stainless steel
  • 5.5cm length
  • 2.5cm width
  • 1.5mm thickness

How to Use TickPick:

  • Make sure your hands are clean
  • Lightly pinch the skin around the tick to raise the area where the tick is feeding (do not squeeze the tick)
  • Slide the TickPick prongs along the skin and trapping the body between the body and the mouthparts (which are inside the skin) - see instruction images 1 & 2
  • Gently (without twisting) pull the tick away from the skin - see instruction Image 3
  • Sterilise the area where the tick was feeding
  • The tick should then be safely disposed of either by burning it or sealing it in tape and disposing of it

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