Flying Dog

An original Czech company whose goal is the production and sale of high-quality food supplements for active and sports or work-laden dogs. Thanks to their connection with the world of Czech cynology and the demand for available supplements for sports dogs, they started working on the development of these supplements around 2005. It was not an easy way, but at that time the Czech market lacked original products that would not be difficult to import from abroad. Therefore, in cooperation with veterinarians, nutritionists and also the owners of sports dogs, they began to work on the development of supplements that would help their dogs perform better and quality recovery. From the very beginning, Flying Dog products were tested directly by those on whom they are measured - sporting dogs, working dogs and otherwise loaded dogs.

Through nutritional supplements, Flying Dog want to give the best to dogs, regardless of their age, burden or race. Anyone who wants to improve the quality of life for their dog, prevent diseases with age, help faster regeneration and indulge in more energy during any exercise, reaches for a nutritional supplement. Enriching the diet with quality vitamins, minerals and more will be appreciated not only by owners of racing dogs and operators of kennels, but especially by the dogs themselves.

It is quite common for athletes to use supplements to supplement nutrients before, during and after exercise. So why not give similar things to dog athletes. Flying Dog products are tested by racing dogs, in which there is a demonstrable improvement in speed, endurance and overall resistance of the organism. The products have proven themselves in dog sports such as mushing, canicross, flyball, agility, coursing, sports cynology and more. Their aim is to help your dogs to healthy joints and bones, but also to ensure beautiful fur and strong teeth.

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