After Drink (Flying Dog)

After Drink (Flying Dog)

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AFTER drink proteins & saccharides is a powdered concentrate for the preparation of a regeneration protein – carbohydrate cocktail (23% proteins) with anabolic effects. It contains a balanced mixture of all amino acids, vitamin B6 and potassium. It supplements glycogen stores in the muscles and liver and thus helps to prevent catabolic processes. It contains a complex of phospho-lipoproteins, which are the source of essential amino acids and phospholipids, in other words, essential components for the restoration of damaged muscle cells membranes.

  • accelerates recovery after performance
  • restores glycogen stores
  • inhibits catabolism of muscle proteins
  • restores body balance after performance
  • maintains the dog´s natural activity



10-15 minutes after physical activity or race: 10g of powder (per 10kg dog´s weight) mix in 150-200ml of cold water. We recommend 2 doses a day after a higher load or total fatigue.

Caution: Do not use for dogs with renal inflammation.


Dried milk, maltodextrins, sucrose, egg white, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, vegetable oils, vitamins. Mineral and trace elements are a natural part of present proteins and carbohydrates.

Nutrition Facts in 100g

Energetic value KJ / kcal 1600 / 381
Proteins g 23,0
Carbohydrate g 66,0
Fats g 3,0

Vitamins in 100g

E mg 4,5
B1 mg 0,6
B2 mg 1,8
B6 mg 2,0
B12 mg 0,002
C mg 30,0
Folic acid mg 0,07
Pantothenic acid mg 6,50
Niacin mg 16,00
Biotin mg 0,1

Minerals in 100g

Sodium mg 350,00
Potassium mg 900,00
Calcium mg 600,00
Magnesium mg 60,00
Phosphorus mg 590,00
Zinc mg 2,0
Selenium mg 0,002


Store in a dry place up to 25°C. Once opened, store in a dry place and consume within 4 months.

Veterinary product approval number: 042-08/C.


Standard Tub: 1500g (1500g is enough to prepare 75 doses for a 20 kg dog)

Travel Sachet: 100g - special packaging for travel and occasions when it is not possible to have a large package.

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