Non-Stop Dogwear Running Belt

Non-Stop Dogwear Running Belt

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The Non-Stop Dogwear Running Belt has been developed with the assistance of canicross athletes for running and racing.

Designed with maximum safety for your back in mind, the unique construction ensures the runner will maintain a good running style. The strain of the pull is spread across the buttock area and the leg straps prevent the belt from riding up whilst running. This is important for your health as well as for your performance.

A small zipped pocket is easily accessible on the back of the belt to store those essential items.

This high quality, lightweight belt is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing.

Available in Black only.

Available in two sizes:

Adult: fully adjustable between waist size 27" and 42".

Junior: fully adjustable between waist size 22" and 32".



Waist Measurement in inches

Waist Measurement in cms


Fully adjustable between 22” – 32”

Fully adjustable between 56cm – 81cm


Fully adjustable between 27" – 42"

Fully adjustable between 68cm – 107cm


Measuring Guide

Please measure around your waist.

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