Bike Lights (Olight)

Bike Lights (Olight)

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The Olight bike lights are lightweight and rechargeable. They are designed with mountain biking, urban commuting or road cycling in mind and are perfect for Bikejoring too! Featuring an anti-glare lens that produces a uniform soft beam that doesn't dazzle oncoming pedestrians or vehicles and also eases eye fatigue, making it safer to cycle at night. The cut-off line is angled so that the light projects forward at the same height as the light is at, and no higher.

While charging is in progress the indicator under the button will flash red, and turn solid green when charging is complete. The USB-C port can also be used as a power bank to discharge the light and charge external devices such as your phone, with a maximum output of 5 V, 2.4 A.


● Max 800 lumens output and 9 hour runtime via 21700 4000mAh battery
● Easy Operation: 3 steady outputs and 2 flash modes
● Power Indicator: 3 stage built in battery indicator shows power status in realtime


● Max 2000 lumens output: conquer the night on the trail!
Easy Operation: OLED screen for status display.
● The creative OLED screen can display lighting mode, battery level, and the available running time

Visibly be seen from up to 1,500 meters on the road for riding safety 
● Smart Motion Sensor: Turns on automatically when braking
● Ambient Light Sensor: Light adjusts scientifically under smart mode


Beam Distance (m)

137 - RN 800

165 - ALLTY 2000

Max. Performance (lumens)

800 - RN800

2000 - ALLTY 2000

Charge type

USB-C Charging

Compatible Batteries

3.6V 4000mAh 21700 Battery - RN 800

7.2 V 3500mAH 3500 Battery - ALLTY 2000

Lens / Reflector Type

Anti-Glare Lens

Mode Operation

Side Switch

Form/Size Factor

Medium size (Permanent Marker)


Bike Light Series

Unique Characteristics

  • Max 800 lumens output and 9h runtime via 21700 4000mAh battery -( RN 800 )

  • Max 2000 lumens output: conquer the night on road or trail cycling - ( ALLTY 2000)




Weight (g / oz)

172 / 6.07

Length (mm / in)

107 / 4.21

Height (mm / in)

31.0 / 1.22

Body Diameter (mm / in)

31.0 / 1.22


Luminus SST-40


Carton gift box


road cycling, MTB riding

Package Contents

    • RN 800 ×1

    • OR
    • ALLTY 2000 ×1

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