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Long Line Dog Lead (ManMat)
Description The line is made from soft polypropylene webbing, which reduces friction and burning when...
£16.95 GBP
Neckline (Nordkyn)
Description Manufactured by Nordkyn from polyethylene hollow braid rope, this neckline features Italian Bronze snaps...
£11.95 GBP
Bungee Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description 2m & 2.8m Now available in Blue!!!   Originally developed for professional race use in...
£42.95 GBP
2 Dog Bungee Line (Zero DC)
Description This bungee line for 2 dogs, made by Zero DC, is suitable for canicross,...
£35.95 GBP
Lite Line 2 Dogs (Arctic Wolf)
Description The 2 dog version of the Lite Line, designed primarily for Scootering, the Lite 2...
£32.95 GBP £27.95 GBP
Stake Out Pin (Pawtrekker)
Description These Pawtrekker Stake Out pins are made from 20mm rebar, so are super strong...
£19.95 GBP
Dog Stake Out Line (Pawtrekker)
Description The Pawtrekker Stake Out line is a heavy duty and reliable product designed for...
£39.95 GBP