Stake Out Line (Arctic Wolf)

Stake Out Line (Arctic Wolf)

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The Arctic Wolf StakeOut line is a very tough and reliable product perfect for owners to attach their dogs to whilst out and about. The line is made from 2mm and 4mm plastic coated steel and Italian bronze trigger clips. Each 30 cm drop is highly visible and spaced 1.5m apart.

The StakeOut lines can easily be linked with other Arctic Wolf StakeOut lines to form larger and longer lines for larger numbers of dogs. Recommended to be attached directly to the Stake Out Pin rather than attached to the loop on the pin as shown in the images.

The StakeOut line is very easy and convenient for travel as all the lines fit easily into a small pack for hassle free transport.

Available for 2 dog, 3 dog, 4 dog, 5 dog & 6 dog 

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