Full Suspension Scootering Set (Manmat Harness)

Full Suspension Scootering Set (Manmat Harness)

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This package is designed with the Pawtrekker Full Suspension Scooter in mind, already have a scooter no problem just select without scooter. 

What's Included?

Pawtrekker Full Suspension Scooter

This is the smoothest ride as this scooter glides over those potholes and ruts; an ideal model for a 2 dog set up.

- Strengthened steel swan necked scooter frame
- Improved and strengthened rear arm 
- Rear 900lb shock 
- 5.4” ground clearance 
- Front suspension forks 
- Quick release steel brushbow 
- Front and rear mechanical disc brakes 
- 3-finger alloy black anodized brake levers 
- Quick release front and rear wheels 
- Screw on Kraton handle bar grips 
- 20" 2.125” tyres 
- Bottle Brass-on’s for mounting of bottle holder 
- Welded Mounting points for mounting of front and rear mud guards 
- Compact when wheels released as rear shock end folds in
- Brake cables are a suitable length to swap to Continental braking set up.

Weight = 17kg

Available in Black or Blue


Manmat X Back Harness 

This classic X-Back dog harness is 100% polypropylene. The neck padding is TEBOX, a material that is incredibly durable and gentle on your dogs coat, whilst at the same time being abrasion and ice resistant and almost non water absorbing.

This is the mainstay product of the majority of professional and recreational mushers.

Most commonly seen on pictures of sled dogs around the globe, this harness is the traditional style of capturing a dogs pulling power. It is important the harness fits snugly but not tightly around the neck and extends along the back stopping just short of the tail.

As well as sledding and dryland mushing, this harness can be used for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross and dog scootering. The X-Back harness when used correctly captures the complete power of the dog from the shoulders through to the back legs.

Available in Red, Blue and Reflective Blue.

Nordkyn Gangline Setup

We can supply a ready assembled, flexible gangline system to allow you to run 1-6 dogs depending on the size team you have. 

All sections are made of hollow braid polyethylene, tougher and more flexible than polypropylene. They behave better in extreme cold, stretch less, and are more abrasion resistant. Heavy duty 3/4" bronze snaps come on all tugs, with lighter 1/2" snaps on necklines. All snaps are easily replaced on the trail. Center, shock, and snublines are 3/8" ; tuglines and necklines are 1/4".

Tug lines are the term used for the line which connects the sled dog to the main gangline. The tug is often a different colour to the main gangline to help in resolving tangles quickly.

Tuglines need to be long lasting and high wearing to take the constant pounding expected.

A gangline is the assembled lines which connect sled dogs to the sled. These lines consist of a number of component parts including a shock, a gangline section and the tug lines. These lines can also be used for running multiple dogs in a variety of activities including dryland mushing, scootering, bikejoring, skijoring and canicross.


Each setup consists of a Shockline Carabiner & the required Ganglines/tuglines for the number of dogs

Please see 'Gangline Information' for details on dog set ups.





Collar Measurement

Neck Measurement

Length Measurement


























Measuring Guide

We require two measurements for the X-Back Harness: the Neck Measurement and the Tail Measurement. 

Neck - Measure from just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone, then double this measurement. Work the tape under the fur; pull it snug, but not stretched. Measure the dog, not the fur!

Measure only one side of the dog, and then double the measurement. Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

Do not measure where the collar sits, but lower - please see the heavy black line on the above diagram.

Tail - Start tape at top of breastbone in the centre of the chest. Pass the tape between the front legs, then up around rib cage on one side of the body to base of tail. Lift tail to feel join. This measurement does NOT need to be doubled.

Check fit of tail length by pulling on webbing to see if the webbing will come to the base of the tail. Webbing should not come to the base of the tail unless there is tension against it. The more coat the dog has, the more tension is required.

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