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**NEW** Rock Harness Long (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description The Non-stop dogwear Rock harness long is a versatile harness designed for power transfer...
Adjustable Puppy Training Harness (Nordkyn)
Description The harness is made from 3/4 inch polypropylene webbing and is unpadded. Buckles adjust...
Adventure Harness (Arctic Wolf)
Description The Adventure Harness has been over 12 months in design, testing and development.  The team at...
Brush Guard (Ruffwear)
Description The Ruffwear Brush Guard offers three distinct features - Protection, Support and Stabalization. The...
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Collared X Back Harness (Dragrattan)
Description Unlike most Dragrattan harnesses this harness has got a round neck opening. The front is single...
Cross Harness (Zero DC)
Description A new style of X-Back harness from Zero DC to complement the Short and...
Custom Sacco Carting Harness (Nordkyn)
Description This harness was designed specifically to snap into a Sacco towbar. It has two...