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Basa Skin Twists 60g (JR Pet Products)
Description These Basa Skin Twists are simply Air dried Basa Skin. Packed with essential Omega-3 and...
£4.95 GBP
Braided Goat Skin (JR Pet Products)
Description 100% braided goat skin - A great long lasting hypoallergenic treat for dogs. Delicious low...
£1.50 GBP
Braided Lamb 30cm (JR Pet Products)
Description This Braided Lamb is made from 100% Air dried Lamb Skin and they have now been supersized! With more...
Sold Out
Braided Lamb Misfits (JR Pet Products)
Description This is different to JR's normal Braided Lamb, it is slightly softer and is...
£0.75 GBP
Braided Ostrich Skin 3pk (JR Pet Products)
Description These Braided Ostrich Skin are made from 100% Ostrich Skin. Simply Air-dried with No additives, No Preservatives,...
£9.50 GBP
Buffalo Hooves (JR Pet Products)
Description Our Buffalo Hooves are a Hypoallergenic alternative to our classic calf and cow hooves. These Long...
£1.25 GBP
Buffalo Horns (JR Pet Products)
Description Our Natural Buffalo Horn is 100% Buffalo Horn. These durable chews are Long lasting and wear...
£7.50 GBP
Cow Ears (JR Pet Products)
Description These Cow Ears are made from 100% Natural Cow Ears. Simply Air-dried with No...
£1.00 GBP
Dried Chicken Feet (JR Pet Products)
Description Natural Chicken Feet A natural source of glucosamine, great for joint pain Helps promote...
£0.30 GBP
Giant Paddywhack
Description  Approx 35cm - 50cm priced per piece   100% Natural Neck Tendon Responsibly Sourced...
£3.00 GBP
Goat Ears 130g (JR Pet Products)
Description These Goat Ears are made from 100% Natural Goat Ears. Simply Air-dried with No Additives, No...
£6.00 GBP
Natural Treats Box
Description  Selection of Natural Treats for your dog to enjoy. Bundle Contains: 2 x Rabbit...
£10.00 GBP