Canadog Supply

We are Rob & Shelley, Mac, Jamie and Gracie Ramsay. We've been running dogs for almost 15 years. In recent years, we've stepped out of recreational mushing and have begun to embrace competitive attitudes in both skijoring and team events. We keep a kennel mixed with Siberian Husky (most retired) and Canadian Racing Hounds. These are a limited Sprint breed heavy in the Sighthound bloodlines.


Our kennel size is usually around 30 dogs, however many of them are retired and living our their natural lives with us and their pack. Our 3 children are very involved with our dogs and all of them have raced since the age of 2 or 3 years old. During our first trek across Canada in our motorhome, our twin girls were 7 months old and our son just 2 yrs. They've basically grown up in the motorhome or now, the dogtruck, travelling for up to 6 weeks on whatever race circuit we could manage. It's a way of life for us.

CANADOG SUPPLY was born out of a need for great skijor equipment. We started with homemade gear, just like many are still using and were provoked into making customized skijor gear for both the beginner and professional racer. Then, with our time spent living in the Canadian North, we soon began building custom made harnesses for Iditarod teams, Open North American teams, and some of the best Stage Stop teams out there. This continues to be a large and growing part of our business. Mushers are constantly approaching me to supply new products to match their ideas. Thank you to everyone who's contributed their thoughts or expertise. CANADOG SUPPLY has transformed into an ever growing force in the SLEDDOG SUPPLY INDUSTRY.

Our Canicross Gear was designed through my own training for a marathon years ago. Always a dog at my side, I had a leash wrapped around my waist and always the idea in the back of my mind of sewing up something for myself to run hands free with more comfort. Once I was happy with it and confident to offer it on our website, Snowpaw Store contacted us shortly after, recognizing the quality of our products. We also recognized their own experience in the Dog Powered Sports and activities and did not hesitate to make them our Exclusive UK distributor.

Shelley and Graceful

We started our winter journeys with an oversized Siberian named "Barnabus" or Barney. He seemed to set our lives on track, introducing us to skijoring and from there, all things Dog Powered. In tribute to his spirit and attitude; to all our dogs who tried to fill his massive footprints and all the dogs to come; we dedicate much of our lives to him. Barney and all dogs to follow, taught us some great lessons. We hope you will practice them with us as often as you can!

* Be Patient, Calm and Assertive

* Always Smile at the Ones You Love

* The Present is no place for The Past

* When you sing, do it Loudly!

* If You Really Want Something, never let up!

* Never take Life too seriously

* Stand up for Yourself and your Friends

* Build Confidence in Children

* Always take the time to make New Friends

and our particular favorite,

* Go Boldly Forward, Without Reservation, Towards Whatever it is that Excites You!