How To Put On A Dog Harness

X-Back Harness, Shoulder Harness, Husky Harness, Pulling Harness, Canicross Harness, Dog Scootering Harness, Walking Harness

This is a simple guide explaining briefly how to put a dog harness on, while it can initially seem complicated putting on a dog harness can quickly become a very routine matter and the dog usually soon learns to cooperate.


1. Using both hands, open the padded collar and fold the breast plate in half so that point A meets point B.

2. Hold the padded collar and the nylon webbing behind the breast plate with both hands, this will create and opening for the dogs head.

3. Stand over your dog so that is sitting with its back between your knees then slip the harness opening over its head.

4. For dogs with medium - thick coats pull all the fur forward through the opening. It is important to pull the excess skin and fur through the opening as when the harness is under tension and the dog is working, pinching can occur, causing discomfort, friction injuries and will cause the dog to be reluctant to work. Remember this is meant to be fun for dog and owner! The harness should be sitting comfortably on the breast bone and to the front of the shoulder blades, check neck fit the same way you would a collar by being able to slip 2 fingers under the padded collar of the harness.

5. Cup one of your dogs front foot with your hands and gently lift it, your dog should do this naturally. Bend the leg at the knee and place it through the opeining on one side of the breast plate. Repeat for the other side, if you have done this correctly the breast plate should run along the breast bone between the front legs of your dog.

6. Check fit again! Too small and the dog will have trouble breathing when pulling causing the dog to be uncomfortable, too loose and the harness will rub. Double check that the skin and fur isn't being pinched in the harness.

7. Pull the tail piece of the harness down the spine to the tail. If the harness fits correctly the tail piece should sit on the base/wag of the tail. Make sure the webbing is sitting flat on the dogs back and is not twisted.

8. If you are using a weight pull harness pull the spreader bar over the dogs back and place gently under the tail of the dog.

9. Scootering and shoulder harnesses should be fitted in the same way as point 1. The only different being that you only pull the leg through one side of the breast plate then clip to close the harness on the oposite side.

Please see our guide on measuring your dog for a harness.