Nordkyn Outfitters

Jane Riffle at Nordkyn Outfitters

We’ve been working our Alaskan Malamutes, in harness, under a pack, and in the show ring, since our first Mal was purchased in 1973.  We purchased our first Nordkyn equipment from Pat and Jim Mitchell in 1975.  In 1983, we started to retail Nordkyn equipment for Pat at the Pacific Northwest dog events.  When Pat decided to retire in 1985, she offered Nordkyn to us.

Since that time, we have accumulated about 35 working titles; some on the Malamutes, some on our Shibas, and some on our Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s.  The Malamutes have obtained WTD, WWPD, and WPD through the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.  Several Malamutes, one of the Shiba’s and one of the Corgis have earned WWPD titles through the International Weight Pull Association.   Both the Shiba and the Corgi were the first of their breeds to earn WWPD titles through IWPA.  We have had several of our Malamutes do quite well the the National Specialty Weight Pulls.  Our first Weight Pull trophy was earned by Wakon’s Togi of Rifflewood CD at the 1979 National Specialty.  Our whole family was involved with running and packing the dogs.  Our boys started in the PeeWee races when they were about 4 years old.  We raced with Snow King Alaskan Malamutes Fanciers and Northwest Sled Dog Association for many years.

This photo is the Riffle family-older son Random with Can. Ch. Kooskia's Target of Rtrek WPD (Target), younger son Shea with Shiba Benzaiten's Rtrek Kajo to Kori (Dusty), myself with Rtreks Seattle Sioux WWPD, WPD, WTD (Susie), and Rtreks A Touch of Trouble WWPD, WPD, WTD (Trouble--leader on our team for many years). We are going on a club sponsored pack trip--packing for certification. Taken summer of 1990 in the National forest near Mt. Rainer, WA.           Older son Random in a Junior Race at the Snow King Alaskan Malamute Fanciers annual Freight Race in Snoqualmie Pass. He is running Tuggers and Susie. This is about 1980.

We are now retired from racing.  We still have 2 Alaskan Malamutes—Am/Can Ch. R’treks Millenium Edition (Emme) the top winning Alaskan Malamute bitch in the Pacific Northwest the year she finished, and Ch. R’treks Gone in Sixty Seconds (Flash).  Two of our Shibas are still with us; Kooskia’s R’trek Chili Pepper (Pepper) and her daughter R’treks Tequila Sunrise (Sunny).  Our Border Terrier Gr. Ch. PNR’s Rtrek Army of Darkness (Ash) will hopefully try for some Earthdog or obedience titles after he finishes his Canadian Championship.  Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi-Am/Can CH Stillwater Rtrek Blackberryjam is currently working on his Grand Championship, has been successfully herding tested and hopefully will start some obedience and maybe some more herding after he completes the rest of his requirements for the Gr. Ch. Title.

This is my husband Rip with Kooskia's A Touch of Velvet WPD WTD (Velvet-double lead on our full team with her son Trouble) and Targhee's Tugiak Tuggers WPD WTD (Tuggers) for a photo shoot for a piece The Seattle Times was doing on dog sledding. Photo taken in Snoqualmie Pass, WA      This photo is the AM/CAN/INT Ch. Stillwater Rtrek Make My Day (Dollar) WWPD. In addition to weight pulling Dollar was successfuly herding instinct tested any many times pushed the neighbors cattle back into their pasture when they managed to get through the fence. Taken summer 1985.

We currently are lifetime members of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America. I serve as the Recording Secretary of Tacoma Kennel Club and participate on the Working Dog Committee for AMCA.  I am not currently judging weight pulls for IWPA but have in the past.

When not at work with Nordkyn, I teach puppy and obedience classes for the Pierce County Parks Department. 

Nordkyn started as a part time business to help support the dogs.  It has turned into a full time job with 4 employees helping to support 4 families.  Davlyne answers the phone, does much of the material cutting for bags, pouches, booties, and some of the harnesses and most of our shipping.  Anyone calling for information will usually talk to either Davlyne or myself.  Davlyne and her husband have had Alaskan Malamutes for about 15 years—running them on a team and weight pulling with them.  Our two sewers - Robin and Karen are extremely practiced in making our harnesses and bags.  Robin and Davlyne do much of the splicing for lines.  My husband does most of the cable work.