Summer at Snowpaw Store

Snowpaw Store is once again attending Paws in the Park at Hop Farm, Kent, this summer on 11th-12th September 2010.


Details of Paws In The Park and tickets can be found on their website.


Come and visit the SnowPaw Store and 'Have a Go' at a number of activities that both you and your dog can enjoy:  Dog Scootering, Cani-cross and Bikejoring.


There will be people on hand to help and advise you on when you can start these activities with your dog, at what age you can start and how to get started. 


SnowPaw Store offers high quality gear for all sorts of dog-related activities, bringing together some of the best equipment from around the world. Whether you and your dogs are a world-class dog sledding team or you enjoy spending time with your canine companion in activities such as dog scootering, backpacking or cani-cross, you'll be sure to find whatever you need to kit out your active dog.


Watch out for other activities, including the Memory Walk to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society taking place on Saturday afternoon, and the Cani-cross race you can take part in on the Sunday.


SnowPaw Store is pleased to be sponsoring the Memory Walk 2010 starting from Hop Farm at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. Have fun, raise money and fight dementia every step of the way!


Memory Walk 2010: Download details for the Memory Walk on Saturday afternoon, and your sponsorship form here....


Cani-cross Race: Details and entry forms for the Cani-cross race, to be held Sunday, to follow shortly. Please check back soon. 



We hope to see you there!

Snowpaw Ltd