3 in 1 Dog Lead from Canadog

3 in 1 Dog Lead from Canadog

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A 2'(ft) Bungee is attached to a 4'(ft) standard leash to create an 6'(ft) Bungee Leash.

This 3 in 1 Line is a favourite because of it's innovative versatility and ingenuity!

Designed and Created by CanaDog Supply for Active People with Active Dogs - this 3 in 1 Line allows you to create several Canicross or Hands Free Dog Walking experiences

Made with soft yet durable tubular webbing, this leash is composed of 2 separate pieces:

A Lightweight Bungee impregnated into tubular webbing to create a 2'(ft) Bungee Lead or Short Bungee Traffic Lead

4'(ft) Standard Leash

Each piece can be used separately in combination with our Canicross Belt and Shorty Harness for Canicross/Hands Free Dog Walking or as a hand-held leash.


Secure the 4'(ft) Standard Leash to the 2'(ft) Bungee and create a Classic Canicross 6'(ft) Lightweight Canicross Line or a typical 6'(ft) Bungee Leash

This line is very soft for your hands and is a great alternative to a traditional poly rope line with Canicross Gear

Bungees are tied, never sewn, to avoid ripping

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