Pro Antenna Bikejor Arm (Arctic Wolf)

Pro Antenna Bikejor Arm (Arctic Wolf)

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The Arctic Wolf Pro Antenna Bikejor Arm is a simple but very effective attachment for your scooter or bike to enhance your line guidance. It has been designed with CNC aluminum making it very reliable and strong and has also been anodized for that extra durability.

The Antenna has an inter grated galvanished steel spring providing motion both vertically and horizontally giving your dog a wide range of movement. The Antenna is easily removable and is very light weighing less than 230 grams. It has a clamp that is only 10mm deep and so clamps very neatly onto existing steerer tube spacers below the stem.

The Pro Antenna has been made with a silicon rubber gasket to help grip the steerer tube and greatly reduce any chance of marking the frame of your scooter and bike.

The Pro Antenna is only available in Silver.

Arm Length (excluding clamp): approximately 46cm / 18"

Full Length: approximately 54cm / 21"

Please note: The line used should always be attached to the headstock of the bike and never directly to the arm.

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