Bikejoring Kit (Howling Dog)

Bikejoring Kit (Howling Dog)

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A Full set with everything you need to get started Bikejoring.

S/Line Pro Bike Antenna

The traction sport accessory to practice bikejoring, scootering and karting with your dogs safely!
Easy to install, durable and very light, the S / LINE is undoubtedly essential for practicing all your types of outings.
Equipped with a quick-release system, the antenna can be removed without any tools and WITHOUT screws!
Fits 1 1/8” Headset/Handlebar Post (most common size/diameter)

Joring Pro Bungee Line

This is an extremely durable pulling line with a built-in shock absorber. Used for Skijoring Bikejoring, Canicross and Scootering.

As required by the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS) and other race organizations, this line does not have a snap on the skijorer's / runner's end. The snap is replaced with a small loop, which attaches directly to a belt with a quick-release (use our Skijoring Belt PRO) or to a belt with a hook (Scandinavian design).

The line is about 8 ft. long before stretching and 9 ft. long after stretching. It is made out of 1-inch wide tubular webbing and features a heavy-duty bronze snap.

Yellow colour only.

Please note: The line used should always be attached to the headstock of the bike and never directly to the arm.

Hybrid Light Weight Harness


Jeff King, a four-time winner of the Iditarod worked with Ivana, the owner of Howling Dog Alaska, to manufacture a modified Light Weight Harness, and it is simply brilliant! The Hybrid Light Weight Harness is a unique combination of an x-back harness and a "cross pull" design. This harness can do it all: It will give you the power of an x-back harness (by attaching the tug line to the end of the harness), and it will give you the distance "overdrive" of the cross/side pull (by attaching the tug line to one of the side rings). The side rings can also be used for attaching shafts (cart shafts, pulka shafts).

The Hybrid Light Weight Harness is the perfect fitting harness for any athletic racing sled dog. Made out of one-inch wide lightweight, extremely durable tubular webbing. Specially constructed V-shaped breastplate design keeps harness centred. Closed-cell padding extends along the harness's entire length for added comfort. The harness features reflective stickers for increased night-time visibility.

Measurement "A": The circumference of the dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back

Measurement "B": From in between the shoulders to the end of the body


 Small: A 17 inches, B 20 inches (for a dog around 30 – 38 lbs.)

 Medium: A 18 inches, B 22 inches (for a dog around 39 – 47 lbs.)

 Large: A 19 inches, B 24 inches (for a dog around 48 – 57 lbs.)

 X Large: A 20-21 inches, B 26 inches (for a dog around 58 – 69 lbs.)

 XX Large: A 22-23 inches, B 28 inches (for a dog around 70 – 85 lbs.)

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