Bikejoring Starter Kit (Windog)

Bikejoring Starter Kit (Windog)

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All you need to get on your bike! ;)


Windog Arm
Simple and quick to attach to the headstock of your bike and designed to fit most sizes.
Attach your bikejoring lines around the headstock of your bike, run them along the arm and through the looped fabric at the end to ensure they are kept up and away from your front wheel.

60cm - standard for most 26" wheels

Windog Line
A loop at one end allows you to connect the line around your headstock, with trigger hooks at the other to connect to your dog harness.
Line is 2.5m in length unstretched.
Only in black

Howling Dog Tough Skin Harness
This light and ultra-modern harness is made out of soft mesh fabric. The Tough Skin™ Harness features a durable shell protecting the outside of the harness and reflective strips to ensure visibility in low light conditions.

Please let us know colour and size in notes at checkout.

Blue with Yellow Edging, Orange with Black Edging.


Measurement in inches

Measurement in cms

Approx. weight (in kgs)


18.5” – 19”

47cm – 48cm

17kg – 22kg


19.5” – 20”

49.5cm – 51cm

22kg – 26kg


20.5” – 21”

52cm – 53cm

27kg – 31kg

X- Large

21.5” – 22”

54.5cm – 56cm

31kg – 36kg


22.5” – 23”

57cm – 58.5cm

36kg – 40kg


Measuring Guide

We require only one measurement for this Harness: the Neck.

Neck - Measure from just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone, then double this measurement. Work the tape under the fur; pull it snug, but not stretched. Measure the dog, not the fur!

Measure only one side of the dog, and then double the measurement. Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

Do not measure where the collar sits, but lower - please see the heavy black line on the above diagram.

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