Aero Screwgate Carabiner (DMM)

Aero Screwgate Carabiner (DMM)

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Carabiners can be used for a wide variety of purposes in dog mushing and running activities.

The primary use is on the front of a sled for adding support to the connection of the ganglines to the snublines and the sled itself, but they are also commonly used for attaching leads and lines to other equipment such as walking belts, scooters and rigs.

A very versatile and handy piece of equipment.

The very strong construction gives the Aero Screwgate 25kN major axis and 9kN gate open strengths.
It also has thick walled 7075 gate barrels that resist 5kN inward force for extra safety.

The minimum rope radius is 10mm and rises to 10.3mm on the main rope bearing surfaces.

Weight: 59g
Strength with gate closed: 25KN
Strength with gate open: 9KN
Gate opening: 17mm

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