Eco Friendly Poo Bags and Dispensers (Eco Hound)

Eco Friendly Poo Bags and Dispensers (Eco Hound)

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These Premium eco friendly bags have been designed with our environmentally friendly dog loving customers in mind. These bags are oxo-biodegradable and the packaging and roll cores are made from fully recyclable materials too. These bags will completely degrade into natural CO2 and H2O, carbon dioxide and water, in as littel as 24 months using oxo technology. 

At 15 micron in thickness these poo bags are strong so no chance of any nasty accidents. They are easy to use, simply detach from the roll, no tears, no holes and will not split!

We offer 3 different types of bags and a dispenser which will take all three types of bags. Each roll has 15 bags, these are unscented so no odd perfumed poop smells!

Standard Bags

Flat packed bags without tie handles, each bag measures approx 230mm x 330mm. 

Box of 16 Rolls

Small Vest Rolls

Designed with Smaller dogs in mind, each bag measures approx 115mm x 280mm and come with tie handles. 

Box of 16 Rolls

Large Vest Rolls

These are the biggest bags with tie handles you can get on a roll. Each bag measures approx 230mm x 240mm. 

Box of 20 Rolls


These come in Olive green and include 1 roll of Standard bags.


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