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HundEnergy. Bars

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The HundEnergy. Bar has been designed with specific attention paid to the extra nutritional demand required by the dog before, during and after a period of extended exercise. They’re also great to act as a convenient snack in between meals, made of human grade superfoods

And they are certified Made in Britain products with all ingredients and packaged sourced and manufactured here in the UK!

So, what do HundEnergy. Bars contain? 

These bars are created using a combination of natural plant-based ingredients carefully sourced and combined in the UK. Dogs are natural scavengers and thrive on a high protein diet of both plant-based matter and meat. Below is a list of the ingredients in these bars, and why they nutritionally benefit your dog.

Whole Peanuts - Naturally high in protein which is essential for dogs’ health, and active dogs or dogs with a busy lifestyle will need the most protein. Protein can be given to dogs in similar forms to that of a human, from fish and eggs, to certain nuts such as peanuts, to legumes and grains.

Apricots - Vitamin C is naturally created within the body although any type of stress on the dogs’ body can deplete it. Apricots are full to the brim with vitamin C which can also help with wound healing.

Flaxseed- Flaxseed and the oil it produces contains vitamin E. This is thought to help with a dogs’ stamina and is often used to give when dogs are producing litters making it ideal for giving your dog when out on your adventures.

Gluten Free Oats – Carbohydrates provide the dog with quick energy which is crucial to recognise when doing an activity with your dog that requires more energy than usual. Wholegrains such as gluten free oats also contain magnesium which is an important mineral to aid the absorption of some vitamins and minerals.

Chicory Root - Chicory root (inulin) produces certain vitamins, including Vitamin K (required for blood clotting). This helps to breakdown and digest food along with aiding the absorption of vitamins.

Nutritional Yeast - Nutritional yeast naturally contains beneficial B vitamins. On average, a serving also provides 9 g of protein and that is a complete protein, providing all nine amino acids the dogs’ body cannot produce. It also makes it deliciously moreish for your dog!

Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are a superfood in the health industry for humans, and have just as many benefits for your dog! They are high in Omega 3 and when combined with the other ingredients are a great source of plant-based protein to give to your dog.

 % per 100g Weight per 40g bar Ingredients
38.4% 15.36g Raw Whole Peanuts
26.7% 10.68g Dried Apricot
21.3% 8.52g Chicory Root
10.7% 4.28g Gluten Free Oats
1.7% 0.68g Chia Seed
0.9% 0.36g Flaxseed
0.4% 0.16g Nutritional Yeast


These bars are combined using all the above human-grade ingredients (they’re even made in the same factories as human bars!) and the end result is a nutritious, functional snack for your dog, which you can store in any temperature and given to your dog at any point of the day

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