Kennel, Patio & Multi-Use Disinfectant (Aqueos)

Kennel, Patio & Multi-Use Disinfectant (Aqueos)

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Kennel & Patio Disinfectant 1L (with Hosepipe Attachment, dilutes to 40 litres) AQC7023

Use in kennels, dog groomer vans, on patios or decking

Useful for dog breeders or quarantine areas

Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses (including Parvo Virus)

Attach to hosepipe with Hoselok or similar fitting, dilutes product 40:1 automatically

Powerful & fast acting

Carries on working after application

Effective Deodoriser

Alcohol & bleach free

Washing machine safe

Tested to EN1276 Bacterial, EN1650 Fungicidal & EN14476 Virucidal

**NOT suitable for shipping by air**

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