Gravity M10 Scooter Set (Gravity Scooters)

Gravity M10 Scooter Set (Gravity Scooters)

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A full set of scootering equipment, just need a pulling harness for your dog and you'll be ready to hit the trails. 

Gravity M10 Scooter

The Gravity M10 is a scooter designed for mushing with one, two or three dogs and is perfect for cross country and uneven terrain.

The Gravity M10 is a strong, durable and reliable dog scooter and has exceptional drive ability and safety features.

The CrMb steel frame is ideal for people who are looking for, higher control of the scooter over the dogs, better braking and better general stability. 

Recommended for use with up to 3 dogs.


- 14.5 Kg


- CrMb Steel frame



- Travel 80 mm.


- Front wheel: Shimano hydraulic disc brake Ø 160 mm

- Rear wheel: TEKTRO mechanical disc brake Ø160mm


- Front wheel: Ø 26" x 2.0"

- Rear wheel: Ø 20" x 2.0"


- 620 mm


- Anti slide surface.

- 500 x 145 x 10 mm


- Aluminium 2 mm


129cm x 19cm x 79cm

Gravity scooters have a warranty of 2 years from purchase date.


Mushing Antenna (Gravity Scooters)

The mushing antenna prevents the line from catching the front wheel or with the front disc brake.

It is designed to guide the line and so that it extends beyond the front wheel.

Never tie the line directly to the mushing antenna, the line should be tied directly to the scooter or bicycle frame.

It is easy to assemble, no tools are necessary and it adapts to all types of bicycle or scooter frames.

The mushing antenna is compulsory for mushing and bikejoring competitions.


Mushing Line for 1 dog ECO (Gravity Scooters)

This new ECO mushing line from Gravity Scooters is made of hemp, has a shock absorber and one bronze snap to tie the dog.

It is the one that transmits the pulling force of the dogs to the frame and protects the dog from hitting the chest with the harness with each pulling stride. 

The shock absorber is responsible for the dog working as comfortably as possible, without strong impacts. It is short, because it seeks the maximum efficiency of the shot smoothly. In mushing it is important that the cushions are not long, since they nullify the forces, making the dogs work for nothing and exhaust themselves excessively.

Natural hemp rope is one of the most traditional and versatile products, it is used in sailing for its enormous resistance to friction and abrasion. It has a specific smell, which disappears after a short period of time.

Thanks to the use of all-natural plant material, hemp ropes are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

 Safety Anchor (Gravity Scooters)

Increase the safety of your outings with this collar with safety carabiner installed.

Put the line on the carabiner and the green ribbon in your hand or on the handlebar, in case there is a problem you can easily pull it and untie your dogs. This will prevent dogs from running by dragging the scooter. This is one of the most common accidents in the practice of dryland mushing.

Correct Assembly

A) Bike/Scooter Antenna

B) Safety Anchor

C) Dog Line


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