Mineral Drink (Flying Dog)

Mineral Drink (Flying Dog)

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Mineral Drink rehydration is a highly proven energy-rehydration ionic and vitamin drink suitable before and during exercise and also for replenishing fluids during the day. Effective rehydration improves the overall condition of the dog and increases the preconditions for quality performance.

  • replenishes water, necessary minerals and vitamins
  • maintains energy supplies
  • maintains energy supplies
  • delays fatigue and increases performance
  • protects against exhaustion and the onset of convulsions
  • increases overall fitness
  • ideal for regular daily fluid replenishment


Preparation and dosing

For normal rehydration

5g of powder (per 10kg of dog weight) is mixed in 400-500ml of water.

With higher physical activity or race

7g of powder (per 10kg of dog weight) is mixed in 400-500ml of water. At high loads and higher air temperatures, we recommend 2 doses during the day


Sucrose, glucose, maltodextrins, acidity regulators: citric acid, magnesium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, sodium chloride, natural and nature-identical aroma, potassium citrate, whey protein, citrus pectin, β carotene, vitamins, potassium chloride, emulsifier: soy lecithin, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodate.


Store in a dry place at 25 ° C.
Once opened, store in a dry place and use within 4 months.
Approval number of the veterinary medicinal product: 039-08 / C. Made in the EU.


Standard Tub: 900g. BB 01/22


Nutritional values ​​in 100g

Energy value kJ / kcal 1610/383
Proteins G 0.5
Carbohydrates G 90
Fats G <0.1

Vitamins in 100g

E mg 10.80
B1 mg 1.00
B2 mg 1.50
B6 mg 1.30
B12 μg 4.00
C mg 165.00
Folic acid μm 140.00
Pantothenic acid mg 6.50
Niacin mg 16.00
Biotin mg 0.13

Minerals in 100g

Sodium mg 550.00
Potassium mg 210.00
Calcium mg 120.00
Magnesium mg 90.00
Phosphorus mg 160.00
Iron mg 2.00
Copper mg 0.10
Manganese mg 0.40
Zinc mg 2.20
Iodine μg 30.00

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