Moss Life Jacket (Hunter)

Moss Life Jacket (Hunter)

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Many dogs love water. They are more than happy to swim wherever the water is deep enough. The Moss life jacket guarantees that your four-legged friend will stay safe while you’re out having fun in the water. If you’re planning on bringing your dog out on a boat trip then you can’t afford not to invest in a life jacket for him/her. Even if he’s/she's normally a good swimmer, he/she could end up getting into difficulties. A life jacket protects your dog’s life both beside and in the water - after all, a boat trip is meant to be fun! You can continuously adjust the chest strap and the two stomach straps to your dog’s body to ensure that the Moss life jacket fits your dog perfectly. The life jacket is prevented from accidentally opening thanks to a safety clicking catch. The life jacket is a bright red colour and is reflective so that your dog is always highly visible.

  • two safety click and velcro fasteners on the belly strap
  • chest and two belly straps individually adjustable
  • hand strap
  • perfect fit
  • reflective
Size Neck Size Chest Size
Small 23 - 42cm 30 - 46cm
Medium 29 - 45cm 45 - 55cm
Large 35 - 50cm 48 - 65cm
X Large 39 - 62cm 62 - 86cm
XX Large 46 - 72cm 79 - 108cm

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