Mushing Antenna ECO (Gravity Scooters)

Mushing Antenna ECO (Gravity Scooters)

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Gravity have replaced the entire plastic antenna with FSC* certified BAMBOO. The cord that holds the rope is made of hemp.

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The mushing ANTENNA helps prevent the line from getting tangled in the wheel when dogs suddenly brake or slow down, it is the basic safety element in mushing and bikejoring.

Suitable for wheels from 20" to 29".

It is directly attached at frames from 36mm to 65mm in diameter, above 65mm you will have to put some 25mm handlebar spacer washers and place the antenna tightening tape around this washers.


CARE: The antenna is made of natural bamboo. At Gravity Scooters we give it a fungicide, anti-humidity and anti-UVA treatment. If you want to extend the useful life of the antenna to the maximum, store it in a dry and shaded place; and repaint it with a wood protectant every year, preferably at the end of the mushing season, before the summer break.

It is designed to guide the line and so that it extends beyond the front wheel.

Never tie the line directly to the mushing antenna, the line should be tied directly to the scooter or bicycle frame.

It is easy to assemble, no tools are necessary and it adapts to all types of bicycle or scooter frames.

The mushing antenna is compulsory for mushing and bikejoring competitions.

Correct Assembly

A) Bike/Scooter Antenna

B) Safety Anchor

C) Dog Line


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