OCEAN Sports Collar

OCEAN Sports Collar

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OCEAN Sport ADJUSTABLE collar has removable neoprene padding. The soft padding makes it very comfortable for dogs to wear and it also protects the dog's fur, skin and neck. The reflective stripes in the collar padding increase the safety of the dog in the dark.
This soft adjustable collar is easy to put on and take off. It is suitable for everyday use. 
Please remember to put the lock through the ring as this increases the safeness directing the pulling pressure more evenly.   

Benefits of adjustable collar:
* suitable for everyday use
* adjustable
* suitable also for growing puppy
* removable padding with reflective stripes
* easy lock to use 
* easy to keep clean and drys fast
Wash: 30 degrees

OCEAN SPORT CITY LEAD 120 cm (47.24")

How to find the right size collar:
* measure the dog's neck (where the collar will be)
* choose the size taking into account also the padding length

Right size?
Please see the below chart for the different size measurements and breed recommendations (referential).

Padding Breed recommendation
XS (19-28 cm) 5,5 cm x 15 cm Small breeds and puppies
S (28-40 cm) 5,5 cm x 20 cm Small breeds and big puppies
M (37-50 cm) 6,5 cm x 25 cm Mid size breeds
(45-66 cm) 6,5 cm x 30 cm Mid size and big dogs

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