Poop Porter for Used Poo bags (Long Paws)

Poop Porter for Used Poo bags (Long Paws)

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If I had to pick a favourite product, this may just be it. I have no problem picking up my dogs poop, but I really do not enjoy walking around holding the bag until I find a poop bin. 

Poop Porter is a lightweight caddy, that attaches to your leash or bag, and holds the knotted end of a used poop bag. it can easily hold two full poop bags at a time, and that include those from the big dogs. And surprisingly, the poop does not swing around as much as you would think - even when jogging. 

It has a second hole for carrying new poop bags too. Poop Porter takes the pain out of walking around carrying your dogs used poop bag in your hand.

The Red Porter comes with a flexible loop attachment and the Black Porter comes with a snap gate carabiner attachment. 

Picking up poo is part of owning a dog. But having to walk around carrying a bag full of our dogs leftovers is not really one of the jobs we particularly enjoyed. So that is how Poop Porter was born!

It's a simple product. It does not affect the leash. And it just takes the frustration out of walking around, chatting to people, all while holding a bag full of the stinky stuff.

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