Brush Guard (Ruffwear)

Brush Guard (Ruffwear)

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The Ruffwear Brush Guard offers three distinct features - Protection, Support and Stabalization.

The Brush Guard provides extra chest and belly protection from any form of abrasion from stubble, brambles or any rough terrain and its Nylon exterior prevents any form of collecting of foxtails, stickers or snow and ice.

Further support is provided by the guard when assisting or lifting your dog in addition to greater stabalization of the dogs backpack or harness without the restriction of movement. Its unique three layer construction provides full belly coverage and increased stability and load dispersion for your dogs optimum comfort.

The Brush Guard has been designed with Hook-and-Loop sleeves to allow maximum ease when using or removing the guard.

Only available in Twilight Grey.

Please allow a few days extra for delivery, as this is an item we do not usually hold in stock.

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