Scooter Set (Non-Stop Dogwear)

Scooter Set (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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All you need to get you out scootering with your dog. 


Front and Rear Disc Brake Scooter - Silver

- Strengthened steel swan necked scooter frame
- 5.4” ground clearance
- Front suspension forks
- Quick release steel brushbow
- Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
- 3-finger alloy black anodized brake levers
- Quick release front and rear wheels
- Screw on Kraton handle bar grips
- 20" 2.125” tyres
- Bottle Brass-on’s for mounting of bottle holder
- Welded Mounting points for mounting of front and rear mud guards

The Freemotion Harness

Is perfect for all kinds of canine activities that involve pulling. The dog harness has been subject to extensive testing by dog drivers and has been field tested in competition up to an international standard. 

The harness increases your dog’s performance by utilizing your dog’s anatomy:

  • Maintaining clear airways
  • Ensures the pulling occurs at the correct points
  • Fully customisable to fit your dog’s shape
  • Adjustable straps to prevent the harness becoming slack


The unrivaled quality on this bungee is why you see it on most athletes within canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring. The core is woven out of high strength rubber, protected by a durable polyester layer. Bungee Leash comes with Non-stop Dogwears Twistlock carabiner, which is the best option available. The carabiner locks itself so that you can be confident that your dog does not get lose. The carabiner rotates on a swivel, so the leash does not spin up.

Includes additional carabiner to attach line to scooter.

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