Bikejoring - Which arm is right for me? A down to earth review

With so many different types of bikejoring arms on the market its hard to know which is the right one for you. So rather than write a sales blog about them we thought it best to get someone like you to try them out and give their honest opinion on what they are like to fit and use when starting out.

Steph is the adventurous type having turned her paw to many different things: agility, canoeing, camping, she is even happy pootling down river on powerboats.

So it made sense to ask her and one of her humans, Nick, to review 4 of our bikejoring attachments. 

Although Nick is keen on bikes and trail riding he is a complete novice when it comes to bikejoring, as is Steph. Read on for his take on the the various attachments

Hi I’m Nick, I was asked by SnowPaw to trial 4 bikejoring mounts as a complete novice to the sport. At this point I should say we were having to test these on the wife's bike due to my own bike being a downhill mountain bike. This means that it also has the front shocks reaching all the way up to the handle bars so fitting any of these mounts was either impossible or hindered steering, and when you have a crazy collie attached that would only end in disaster.

Fitting advice can be found on the manufacturers websites but also feel free to get in touch with SnowPaw if you need any more advice, they are very friendly and don't mind stupid questions (trust me!) 

We trialled 4 different mounts 3 of them being traditional front mounts for bikejoring - I’ll talk you through these first.

First up is the Windog flexible Bikejoring arm. It is the cheapest option and probably the easiest to fit. This system wraps around the stem on your handle bars and is secured in place by a simple wingnut. It is not designed to be a solid fit, there is ample space to fit most bikes. This mount would be a great starting point if you are new to the sport. 

Next up is the Rowerland Flexible Bikejor Arm a midrange mount. The Rowerland fits on to the cross bar of the bike using velcro straps and around the head of the bike using a more durable strap. This system is more rigid and provides more control. Again it was simple to fit to the bike however I would recommend trimming the velcro straps once fitted as the long tails can be a nuisance when pedaling. 


Now for the third, the Bike Antenna from Non-Stop Dogwear. This system is a more permanent attachment and takes a little longer to fit. 

You will need to remove the handlebars on your bike and fit the clamp around the stem on the handle bars. It doesn’t clamp down tight enough for the stem on the wife’s bike, which causes it to swing around. However, this is a great choice if you have a good solid fit and you are planning to only use the bike with your dog.



Non-Stop Dogwear also do this arm with their Klick Fix Adapter, this attaches to your handlebars rather than the stem of the bike and allows you to attach and remove the arm easily. Unfortunately I haven't tried using this one yet so can't comment on how easily it actually attaches or how easy it is to use.



Of the three mounts it is tough to pick a favourite. It would depend on how new to bikejoring you are, and if you are looking for a permanent or temporary mount the bike. All three are of great quality and simple no fuss designs. 

The last up is the Walky Dog Bike Attachment, this isn't a Bikejoring arm as such but a great way of taking your dog with you when out on the bike. 

It is a solid bar which attaches to the seat post of the bike and has an adjustable spring loaded lead which then clips on to your dogs harness. It keeps the dog at your side and on a short lead to stop any chance of it running into moving parts. The clamp that attaches to the seat post has plenty of adjustment to fit most sizes and also features a quick release, allowing you to leave the mount attached to the bike but removing the arm if you didn't want your dog attached.


This one fits both of our bikes and is definitely our favourite for general use. Great for dogs who aren't interested in pulling and happy to plod/run alongside you. 



Thanks for reading, hope this helps your decision making. If not get in touch with the SnowPaw team or ask a question below


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