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Gravity Scooters

Gravity Scooters is a family business founded in Barcelona in 2007 to publicize mountain scooters, convinced that they are the ideal machines for mushing and descent; for fun, security and ease of use.

Mountain scooters have always been gravity's passion. Previously, in 1994 and under another name, they designed the first adult scooter with a large front and small rear wheel. From here they created the first downhill scooters and the first mushing scooters to go with more than three dogs; and also began to develop security systems for mushing. Year after year models have been improving.

These scooters are characterized by being extremely stable, durable and safe. Gravity have the best technicians trained in the automotive industry, which allow them to constantly innovate and apply new materials to be increasingly ecological, sustainable and at the same time provide the best quality at the best price.

In a world mired in climate change, they have had to replace part of snow sports with sports on scooters and that is their strength.

A large clear surface to put your feet, a very low center of gravity and the best components is what creates the unmistakable feeling of riding a GRAVITY SCOOTERS brand scooter

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