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Food & Health

Whether you own a dog as a pet or as a working dog, you will certainly want to take care of its health and wellbeing. 

Balance your dogs diet with useful supplements - many of these supplements can be particularly useful if you enter sled dog racing competitions or have working or hunting dogs. Also remember your dogs can get dehydrated just like humans, especially when they are undergoing strenuous training or exercise programmes. You may want to consider giving them a rehydrating drink to help their recovery.

And don't forget the treats! Ours are sustainable and plastic free! 

Owners should also take note of their dog's paws and make sure that these also remain in good condition. We can provide you with products to both treat damaged pads and paws or to prevent damage from occurring. Pad & paw care is an important aspect of dog health, so you should invest in high-quality products that can keep your dog happy and healthy. We also hold a range of wound care products, which are handy additions to a doggy first aid kit.

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