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Sleeping Bag (Alcott)
alDescription Recently upgraded design & materials. Not only will your thrill sniffer enjoy more room to...
Highlands™ Pad (Ruffwear)
Description The Highlands Pad is a lightweight, packable dog bed with an accordion-fold design for...
£49.95 £42.95
Adventure Blanket (Alcott)
Description This all purpose adventure blanket is a must-have for active pets. Use it for...
£27.95 £23.50
Alpine Travel Snuggle Bed (Henry Wag)
Description  The Alpine Travel Snuggle bed provides your dog with a comfortable place to rest...
£29.95 £26.95
Musher Sleeping Mat (Non Stop Dogwear)
Description Musher Sleeping Mat from Non Stop Dogwear is designed for long-distance dog sled racing....
Highlands™ Sleeping Bag (Ruffwear)
Description The Highlands Sleeping Bag is a lightweight, compressible synthetic down sleeping bag for dogs,...
£119.95 £109.95
Mt. Bachelor Pad (Ruffwear)
Description Low-profile, easy-to-clean, portable bed that gives dogs a sense of home in different environments....
P.A.W.S. Pad (Arctic Wolf)
Description A great super lightweight travel dog pad, for those times when your dog wants...
Dog Bed (Manmat)
Description Very comfortable and practical mattress for medium and large dog breeds. Made of high-quality nylon...
Super Merino Bed (Arctic Wolf)
Description For dogs that want (or need) that little bit more warmth and comfort, the...