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Weekend Warrior Harness (Hurtta)
Description The Weekend Warrior Harness is ergonomic and suitable for active dogs.When using the harness,...
£41.95 GBP £34.95 GBP
Monsoon Coat - Blackberry (Hurtta)
Description The Monsoon raincoat is an essential outfit for every dog in rainy, windy or...
£69.99 GBP £47.95 GBP
Expedition Parka - Blackberry (Hurtta)
Description Expedition Parka is an excellent choice for small and big adventures in cold weather....
£69.95 GBP £60.95 GBP
Outback Boots (Hurtta)
Description The weatherproof Outback boots protect your dog's paws in difficult conditions and challenging outdoor...
£24.95 GBP £19.90 GBP
Life Savior ECO Dog Life Jacket (Hurtta)
Description The trusty Hurtta Life Savior ECO flotation aid features a new softer, body-hugging float...
£64.95 GBP £51.95 GBP
Cooling Wrap (Hurtta)
Description The Hurtta Cooling Wrap provides effective cooling effect for your dog, minimizing body heat...
£39.95 GBP