Dog Scooters

Dog scootering - a great activity for energetic dogs

Dogs love to work - it keeps their minds busy, as well as giving them plenty of exercise (something many dogs don't get enough of, especially those in urban environments). Many behavioural problems - from chewing and anxiety, through to aggression and barking - can often be traced back to a dog not having enough to do.

Dog scootering is a sport that anyone can enjoy and it's a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise - for humans as well as their canine companions.

Dog scooters are not only a great way to exercise and condition your dog, they provide important mental stimulation that simply walking around the block won't necessarily provide. Dog scootering is also a great way to train your dog - building a relationship where you and your faithful pet work together as a team.

Dog scootering equipment from SnowPaw Store

We offer a wide range of dog scooters from Pawtrekker Dog Scooters and Gravity Scooters. They all have sturdy constructions and feature non-slip mats, BMX-style handlebars and the all-important front and rear brakes. Dogs can be hitched to the front on all models or sidewalker extensions can be used with the Classic Pawtrekker scooter.

If you're new to dog scootering, check out our complete dog scooter starter kit. These starter packs have everything you need to get rolling, including lines, harnesses, rig sets and the scooter itself. Kits are available for one or two dogs, contact us if your looking for a setup for 3 or more dogs.

Using a dog scooter

Training your dog to use a dog scooter is easy, even when they have never pulled before. Once you have fitted the harness, it will only take a little bit of patience (and maybe a handful of treats) to convince your dog that pulling a scooter is fun! For more information on training your dog, please refer to our Introduction to Dog Scootering.

Dog scooters are also quite portable and can be easily transported in the back of your car or on a bike rack. This means that you can effortlessly transport them to any open space and enjoy dog scootering in a variety of locations with your dog. Since dog scooters have tyres suitable for off-road terrain, you don't even have to stay on the paved paths!

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Pawtrekker Classic Dog Scooter
Description The Pawtrekker Classic, Front and Rear Disc Brake model has: - Strengthened steel swan...
Pawtrekker Full Suspension Dog Scooter
Description Get a FREE Arctic Wolf Lite Line for 1 or 2 Dogs when you buy...
Single Sidewalker Attachment (Pawtrekker)
Description Sidewalker attachment comes with, Single Dog Sidewalker Attachment System, Sidewalker Harness, and Sidewalker Carabiners....
Single Sidewalker System Complete Kit (Pawtrekker)
Description If you have a dog who you find it hard to keep up with,...
Classic Scootering Set
Description Everything you need to get into Scootering with your dog.  Pawtrekker Classic Scooter -...
Scooter Set (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description All you need to get you out scootering with your dog.  PLEASE ADD HARNESS SIZE...
M10 (Gravity Scooters)
Description The Gravity M10 is a scooter designed for mushing with one, two or three...
£549.00 £505.00
MUSHING PRO (Gravity Scooters)
Description PLEASE NOTE: This scooter is shipped direct from Spain, please allow 7-14 days for...
£699.00 £640.00
Replacement Headstock Riser Bar
Description Replacement Headstock Riser Bar. 1 1/8"
Replacement Inner Tube for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter
Description Replacement Inner Tube suitable for 20" pawtrekker wheel. (20 x 1.75 - 2.25)
KlickFix Antenna - Bike/Scooter Attachment (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description The Non-Stop Dogwear KlickFix Antenna is made from lightweight aluminium with a rubber flex attachment...
Replacement Brake Pads (2010 onwards)
Description Replacement brake pads for our Pawtrekker disc brake system for Pawtrekker scooter models made...