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All dogs love to play with toys! We have sourced some of the toughest and interactive toys for you to play with in water, at home or even out on walks.

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Chill out Toys (All for Paws)
Description In warm weather, there is nothing more fun than playing with water. Besides it...
£6.99 £5.50
Lunker Toy (Ruffwear)
Description Ruffwear partners with PLUS foam™ Compound Technologies to produce Lunkers with a center core...
£25.95 £22.95
Hydroplane Toy (Ruffwear)
Description Soft fabric disc for fetch in or around water and snow. Lightweight, pontoon-like construction...
£30.95 £23.95
The Clam (Tug-E-Nuff)
Description The Clam is an innovative treat-dispensing toy that makes training a whole lot more...
£17.95 £15.95
Pacific™ Toy (Ruffwear)
Description  For dogs whose love language is play, the Pacific Ring or Pacific Loop speaks...
£30.95 £26.05
Turnup™ Rubber Throw Toy (Ruffwear)
Description NEW colours for 2022! Old colours Red and Yellow now available at 20% off!...
£16.95 £15.95
HOVER CRAFT™ Toy (Ruffwear)
Description This high-performance flying disc is ideal for fetching sessions on both water and land....
£30.95 £23.95
Crazy Thing Bungee Tug (Tug-E-Nuff)
Description Dogs will love shaking, tugging, biting and generally going nuts with this exceptionally entertaining...
GiGwi Duraspikes Extra Durable Toys
Description Welcome to GiGwi! Our mission is simple: to reinvent playtime! Tough toys for tough...
Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker (Tug-E-Nuff)
Description If there's one thing that's almost guaranteed to grab a dog's attention, it's the...
Chill Out Hydration Bone (All for Paws)
Description During hot summer time this Hydration Bone will keep your dog hydrated while he is playing....
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Friendly Squid Toy (Goodchaps)
Description THE DOG TOY THAT’S CLEANING UP THE COASTThe Friendly Squid is a new, handmade,...
£12.50 £10.95