Dog Paw and Pad Care

Dog Pad and Paw Care is an important aspect of dog health. Owners should take note of their dog's paws and make sure that these remain protected and in good condition ready for your next activity together. For more information on Paw Care check out our blog written by Oatfield Huskies here

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Pawz Max Wax - All Natural Paw Protection
Description Paw Wax for dogs from the people who know about paw protection! Non-toxic, 100%...
£11.99 GBP
Musher's Secret
Description Musher’s Secret is a 100% natural, food grade wax that forms a breathable barrier...
£14.95 GBP
Dog Boot - Cordura
Description For dog foot, pad and paw protection in gravel or abrasive running conditions. Made...
£2.50 GBP
Comfort Boots (ManMat)
Description Manmat's improved type of shoe for comfort! Shoe is made from a new material that...
£5.95 GBP
Dog Boot - Polar Fleece
Description These fleece booties are designed to keep dogs feet warm in the coldest of...
£3.00 GBP
Long Distance Booties - 4 pack (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description  Light dog booties with a good grip and protection against snow and ice. These Long...
£11.95 GBP
Pawz Disposable Dog Boots
Description PAWZ natural rubber dog boots are reusable, disposable and waterproof wellies for dogs to...
£11.45 GBP
Dog Boots - Protector Set of 4 (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description These boots are intended for the use in snow and feature a water repellent outer shell, soft lining and...
£18.50 GBP
POLAR TREX™ Boots (Ruffwear)
Description The Polar Trex dog boots provide warmth, traction, and protection so those paws can...
£68.95 GBP £50.00 GBP
Bark'n Boots Liners (Ruffwear)
Description Comfort and protection while wearing dog boots (can be worn with any and all...
£19.95 GBP £18.45 GBP
Grip Trex Dog Boots (Ruffwear)
Description Ruffwear has revolutionized canine paw wear. The Grip Trex™ feature two major advancements in...
£52.95 GBP £46.95 GBP
Outback Boots (Hurtta)
Description The weatherproof Outback boots protect your dog's paws in difficult conditions and challenging outdoor...
£24.95 GBP £19.90 GBP