Mamut Dog Nutrition

Give your dog the very best

Mamut started with production in 2015 with a goal to offer the very best supplements for working and sporting dogs. Assisted by different canine experts and veterinarians they firmly believe that their products are the best the market can offer. Rest assured though, their team is constantly looking for new and innovative ingredients, alongside the development of industry-leading formulations.

These supplements are suitable for dogs feed with any kind of food. It can be used with raw food or barf. When it comes to the quality of these products, quite simply, Mamut never compromise.

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Recovery Drink (Mamut Dog Nutrition)
Description The Mamut Recovery Drink is a unique formula specifically designed to aid your dogs...
£3.00 GBP
Pre-Run Drink (Mamut)
Description Mamut Complete - Pre-Run Drink for dogs with carefully chosen ingredients is intended to...
£3.25 GBP
Shaker (Mamut)
Description The MAMUT Shaker is a high quality container with graded scale. Unique innovation completely prevents...
£4.25 GBP
Salmon Oil (Mamut)
Description MAMUT Salmon Oil is a crude oil separated from fresh salmon raw materials. The raw...
£21.95 GBP