About Us

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Snowpaw Store is the longest running Sled Dog equipment Specialist in the UK, starting in 2008 the original owners set out to bring in the best equipment from around the world to make dog sports more accessible having struggled themselves to get hold of quality equipment for them to race their Malamutes. Although the business has changed hands a couple of times over the years the main ethos of the company remains the same, we pride ourselves in carefully securing the best dog sports equipment from around the world and bringing it to the UK market. While many of the products are designed specifically for sled dog related activities such as mushing, canicross, dog scootering, rig racing, bikejoring or skijoring, many are also used by pet owners who require quality products to exercise their dogs.

Having taken over the reins in 2019 we have been continuing to search for and import new brands to bring a wider variety of equipment to the UK market. Ensuring we solve any harness query we receive, we strive to find a suitable harness to fit the activity. We are passionate about spreading the word of dog sports, as participating in these sports, not just competitively, is an amazing bonding experience with your canine and provides exercise and mental stimulation like nothing else. 


We only stock quality products we would use ourselves. All our products have been tested either by us or one of our sponsored athletes. 


So who are we? 

We are a family run business, Husband and Wife team, and have roped in some of our dog loving friends to work with us. 



I am co-owner of the business, generally the person who you’ll speak to if you call or if you come into the shop. I come from an equine background having studied Equine Management and worked with horses and dogs for many years in South Wales before moving to Hampshire. Having been fascinated with the Iditarod and mushing since I was a child, we rescued our first Siberian Husky Diesel in 2009 without really knowing much about the breed. We quickly learnt that two long walks a day wasn’t enough for a young husky and that’s when we realised Dog Sports aren’t just for the top athletes competing in the Iditarod it truly is accessible to everyone.  

My favourite part of the job is fitting harnesses, working with owners to find the right harness to suit their requirements getting the best possible fit whilst ensuring the dog is comfortable and able to work in it.



I’m co-owner of the business and the man behind the scenes! Generally the one doing the heavy lifting at events, researching new brands and chief product tester alongside Simba. 

I’ve grown up around dogs as my parents had Corgi’s and spaniels growing up so I wanted a big dog of my own which is how we ended up rescuing Diesel. I took up Bikejor in early 2010 but never got into it competitively as it was more about having fun and spending time with the dog for me. 



Hi! I am Jo, I have known Richard and Rachel for many years and have been involved with SnowPaw for a couple of years now.  I am based in the showroom 3 days a week where I pick and pack the orders, handle incoming stock deliveries and answer queries. Like Rachel I really enjoy meeting our customers and helping find the right kit for their dog,

Nick and I got our first collie, Steph, in 2011. I enjoyed competing with her in agility and Hoopers competitions, she was a very relaxed pup, came everywhere with us and took most things in her stride. We sadly had to say goodbye to Steph at the end of 2021.  Our house felt very empty without her, and it wasn’t long before we rehomed our pup Maggie.

I am passionate about canine welfare and enrichment. I love my dogs to feel like they have a job to do, whether that is an activity like scent work or a sport like agility, we plan to start canicross with Maggie this winter.





You will find Nick in the Pop-Up Shop (normally with a mug of tea in hand) at shows, at weekends and on days off from his boring job, that is when he is not in his search and rescue or scout leader uniforms. Nick a keen mountain biker and helps Rich out with the Bike and Scooter maintenance at Snowpaw HQ.

He is a busy man but joins the team on the road when he can.






Simba is a woolly Siberian husky born in 2020 he came to us in November 2021 having previously worked as a therapy dog he is very protective of the team here but also very chilled and loves nothing more than cuddles with Pippa (Richard and Rachel’s daughter). 

Simba’s job title is chief product tester, the toys, food and treats we stock at the warehouse have all been given his paw of approval. 





Maggie is the newest member of the SnowPaw Team and is still very much learning the ropes – she has weekly agility lessons as well as regular Hoopers training. At home and work she will get bored easily so is often being drilled in her general skills as well as some scent work.

Maggie likes to oversee the waste and recycling at the showroom, she can often be found shredding cardboard and emptying the bins!!



To all of you, from all of us at Snowpaw Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Snowpaw Ltd.