About Us

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Snowpaw Store prides itself in carefully securing some of the best sled dog related products from around the world and bringing them to the European market. While many of the products are designed specifically for sled dog related activities such as mushing, canicross (sometimes referred to as canix), dog scootering, rig racing, bikejoring or skijoring, many are also used by pet owners who require quality products to exercise their dogs.

Whilst our products are designed for sled dogs such as Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, Canadian Eskimo and Greenland dogs, many other types of dogs benefit from using these products in the wide variety of activities they cover from back packing to dog scootering to carting.

The products we supply are all tested in extreme environments by mushers operating in the Arctic and are endorsed by a wide variety of professional mushers from Iditarod Winner Jeff King to Arctic Explorer Gary Rolfe.  The manufacturers of our wide range of X-back harnesses supply competitive professional mushers with the same quality products we bring to you; our range of shoulder harnesses encompass many styles and can also be used as walking harnesses and are far superior in quality to many of the products available in the average pet store.

For the pet dog market, we have a range of high quality leads, collars and walking / tracking harnesses suitable for virtually every type of dog in a range of webbing styles and colours.

We also carry a wide range of gifts and Iditarod memorabilia for the mushing enthusiast; whether you own them, run them or just love them, here is your one-stop Sled Dog source!

To all of you, from all of us at Snowpaw Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

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