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Dog Runner


The headquarters of this family run business is located in Dendermonde, Belgium. They stand for high quality at competitive prices.

With a treadmill for dogs, you keep your beloved four-legged friend in excellent condition, without having to work on your physical condition yourself. Most dogs need a lot of exercise. As an owner, you don’t always have the option to walk or run the same distance as your dog. With a dog treadmill you give your pet the movement he needs, without having to go out.

Who is a dog treadmill useful for?

A dog treadmill is not only useful for keeping your dog in shape. There are many other applications where a treadmill is the ideal solution for your dog.

1. Keep your dog in shape

Your dog’s physical condition remains the first and most important reason to install a treadmill for your four-legged friend. Even if you take your dog for a daily walk, it still may not be enough to keep your pet in optimal condition. A dog needs a lot more exercise than a few miles a day.

Keep your dog in optimal condition by letting it run on a dog treadmill.

2. Rehabilitation for dogs

You don’t always have to use a treadmill at maximum speed. You can also set the treadmill at a slower pace that focuses on movement rather than pace. That way you can help your dog rehabilitate after surgery or injury.

3. Train your dog in rainy weather

Rainy weather or a thick layer of snow? You may not feel like slogging through the poor weather, but your dog still needs a good dose of exercise. A dog treadmill offers the perfect solution! Let your dog walk enough miles, regardless of the weather.

4. Solution for people in the city

Dogs prefer to enjoy themselves in the woods, but when you live in the city, that is not always a possibility. The city can be a dangerous environment for your pet. Take the lengthy forest walks for the weekends and train your dog on a dog treadmill in the living room.

For those living in the city, the dog treadmill is a wonderful alternative to a city walk.

Benefits of a treadmill for dogs

Training or rehabilitating your dog with a treadmill has many benefits. Not only your dog will benefit from the investment in a dog treadmill, but owners will also enjoy this supplement.

  • Better condition for your dog
  • The dog maintains weight better
  • Calmer behaviour because the dog can lose its excess energy
  • The dog feels better in its own skin
  • Muscles and joints remain in better condition
  • Older dogs are less likely to suffer from the joints
  • Good for targeted rehabilitation
  • Optimal training with exact speeds and targeted construction
  • As an owner, you don’t always have to leave home

Want to buy a dog treadmill?

Buying a treadmill for your dog is a splendid idea for many reasons. Your dog will enjoy getting some extra exercise that he/she wouldn’t otherwise get.

However, also keep in mind that your dog enjoys a walk with their owner in the open air. Besides the activities on the treadmill, make sure you have enough time to take your dog out into the open air. Contact with the owner is also very important for your four-legged friend. Do not skip these activities after purchasing a treadmill.

The treadmill is best seen as an addition to the current activity. Do not reduce the walking moments that you have, but supplement them with activities on the treadmill.

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