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Brand Spotlight - Howling Dog Alaska

Brand Spotlight - Howling Dog Alaska


One of our favourite and most popular brands here at Snowpaw Store is the awesome Howling Dog Alaska. As dog sport advocates we love Howling Dog Alaska for their professionally designed, reasonably priced and great quality dog sport equipment. Their motto is “simplicity, functionality, affordability, quality” and it really shows.

A passion for dog sports is often the kick start to creating great gear for dogs. That’s definitely the case for the comfortable and durable harnesses, collars, coats, leads, belts and more created by this brand.

The owner of Howling Dog Alaska, Ivana Nolke, originally from Czechoslovakia was inspired to combine her love of sports and dogs back in 1988 when she got her first sled dog and (as I’m sure many of you have experienced) soon ended up with a pack of Siberian Huskies.  About a year into her mushing career, she started adding Alaskan Huskies to her sled dog team and ended up representing Czechoslovakia during the Winter Olympics in 1992, where a sprint sled dog race was held as a demonstrational sport.

In 1992 Ivana moved to Alaska to pursue her mushing dreams and has a huge list of racing achievements during her sprint mushing career, alongside a successful breeding kennel. Ivana coined the breed name “Eurohound”. To say she is passionate about dogs and dog sports would be an understatement!

Ivana Nolke, Howling Dog Alaska owner) racing in an IFSS World Championship in Dawson City (Canada) a few years back

Ivana always struggled to find a properly fitting harness for her race dogs. With very high standards and the idea that the design needed to be functional, not just for her dogs but for all dogs out there, developing and testing new harnesses took years. The Howling Dog Alaska brand quickly became well known throughout the mushing community and the functionality and durability of the equipment meant the company grew and grew – they’ are currently one of the largest sled dog equipment retailers in the world.

The Light Weight Harness was the first of Ivana’s designs to be introduced to the public. The Hound Harness and the Wheel Dog Harness followed. And of course, the Distance Harness (which she developed in cooperation with a four- time Iditarod Champion Jeff King). The Distance Harness quickly became one of Howling Dog Alaska’s best sellers. Other products soon followed, such as the Padded Collar, the ThermoCoat, The DuraCoat, the Hybrid Running Jacket and Chest Protector. And of course the popular and unique Second Skin & Tough Skin Harness. When it comes to supplements, there is no second to their Nutrazinc, which is the best supplement on the market to treat dogs suffering from Zinc Responsive Dermatitis.

Check out the full collection below for fantastic presents for your canine best friend!



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