Snowpaw customer's Danielle & Zeus have written us a lovely review for the Glacier Non-Stop Dogwear dog coat.

Non-Stop Dogwear Glacier jacket review

Snowpaw customer Danielle has written us a lovely review for the Glacier Non-Stop Dogwear dog coat. 

I came to Rachel at Snowpaw Store asking advice for a decent coat for our boy Zeus and she was fantastic, helping us with measurements and ordering a size they didn't yet have in stock. He's a short-haired Jack Russell / Chihuahua cross and definitely needed something to keep him warm and dry as coatless he was a very unhappy, shivery pup.

Here are the top 4 reasons I chose the Non-Stop Dogwear Glacier Jacket and why we love it!

1) The big win was keeping Zeus cosy and dry (saving us the effort of towelling him down after a rainy hike!) - this jacket did that 100% without being heavy or restrictive! We had tried a few coats on him but some were not properly waterproof underneath which just made him colder as the underside got wet. The Glacier is really top quality material with great insulation and covers his neck, belly and chest much better than other coats we had tried. No more shivering or trying to turn back to go home - he was enjoying his walks again, even when it was freezing or raining.

2) Zeus is a bit of a funny size - short in the body but a bit broader than your average small dog and we had really been struggle to find a coat that fitted him well without restricting his movement. Using the adjustable toggles we could shorten this coat a little at the tail and open it out round the chest with the strap and buckle. He didn't do the little "this is uncomfortable" dance and shake we've seen in other coats and can run around as usual, with the leg straps making sure the jacket doesn't blow around in the wind at the top of Ditchling Beacon!

3) Due to his Jack Russell nature Mr Z loves to snuffle around in bushes looking for small creatures to chase. We walk him on the South Downs a lot where there is an abundance of spiky hawthorn and gorse bushes - I've had to rescue him from the middle of dense bushes before as his coat has torn and he got caught! The Glacier jacket is super durable and we've seen no rips or wear at all, really pleased to have invested in a jacket that will last for years!

4) On the opposite side of his Jack Russell is the Chihuahua - who loves to look stylish! We've had loads of comments on how nice the coat is, we chose the purple, which may be a bit more pink than a boy dog would normally go for, but hey, we live in Brighton! It really is a great looking coat and would totally recommend.