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Sailor enjoying canicross

Sailor's new pastime


We love to hear stories of our happy customers, and Helen sent us this lovely photo and update on Sailor, the standard poodle, and how canicross has changed his life.

"I just had to drop you a line about the Canicross kit that I received. I have seven standard poodles, one of whom is clinically hyperactive. I have tried all sorts, over the last three years, to try and get him to focus his mind but to no avail. That was until I put on his new harness and tried it out.

Wow, what a different dog when out and about. He went out in front like a natural and for the first time I could see him concentrating. Instead of him jerking his head about wildly looking at everything and anything from a fly to a bird or a plant swaying in the breeze, he was looking dead ahead jogging in a virtually straight line with a gently wagging tail.

Even more astonishing was that when we stopped for a break he actually sat down and patiently waited!! I do not exaggerate, the difference was unbelievable and he was obviously enjoying himself, something I don't think he's done before and I really mean that, poor boy.

I want to thank you so much as your kit has made such a difference to his life and all of us at home.

Very kind regards,

Sailor enjoying canicross


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