Working Equipment: Ganglines

Here at SnowPaw Store, we offer a variety of lines to suit you and your team's needs. The gangline is the way to attach your dog to your sled, dog scooter, bicycle, vehicle to be pulled or even yourself.

This is a line usually attached to the back of the harness to the shockline. This is available as a Single Tugline or a Double Tugline.

This is attached to the dog collar. The lead dogs will usually be attached to each other, whereas any wheel dogs will be attached to the centre gangline / towline.

Central towline takes more strain, generally 3/8”

Added to the line to ease strain on the dogs when there is a sudden stop. This is usually attached to the sled/rig/scooter.

Our lines and ganglines are supplied as gangline sections and are interchangeable, which make it easy to alter your dog team set up, or to replace damaged lines on the trail. The following set ups are for guidance only.

For one dog:
Shockline, Single Tugline, Carabiner

For two dogs:
Shockline, Neckline, Double Lead Tugline, Carabiner

For three dogs:
Standard Gangline Section, Necklines, Single Tugline, Carabiner

For four dogs:
Shockline, Standard Gangline Section, Double Lead Tugline, Necklines, Carabiner

For six dogs:
Shockline, Standard Gangline Section x 2, Double Lead Tugline, Necklines, Carabiner

Example of a 4 Dog Set Up

Example of a 4 Dog Gangline Set Up


Please see below for a selection of our available ganglines...


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