Euro Short Harness (Zero DC)

Euro Short Harness (Zero DC)

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Maximum comfort for your dog and the latest in dog harness design from Europe. Also known as the Zero DC Short harness, this dog running harness does the same job as the X-back harness and directs all pulling force to the shoulders and chest (away from the neck), hugging the body without restricting lung capacity or leg movement (without the material over your dog's back).

Fixed neck size (see size options below) with adjustment on chest strap and plastic clip fastners. Strong, tailored shoulder and chest plates and rear strap are made from water repellent, quick dry material with integrated reflector strips on all sides. These harnesses can be used for all dog sports and are very popular for canicross and bikejoring.

These harnesses are designed for the smallest breeds ie Jack Russells, Border Terriers etc (NB EuroShort Medium shown in picture), and those dogs with big necks and short bodies ie Staffie, Bullmastiff, Bull Terrier, Bull Dog, Boxers etc. 

Other colours/sizes can be custom ordered but please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Measurements in cm.

Neck measurement refers to collar size all of the way round the dogs neck.


Neck/Collar Measurement (cm)

Chest Measurement (cm)

Length Measurement (cm)

Suggested Breed

MINI II 24cm - 27cm 40cm - 55cm 26 - 30cm Very Small Terriers & Toy Breeds


27cm – 30cm

45cm – 60cm

31cm – 36cm

Cocker Spaniels, Border Terriers and similar sized dogs


30cm – 35cm

50cm – 65cm

37cm – 43cm

Jack Russell Terriers and similar sized dogs


35cm – 40cm

55cm – 75cm

44cm – 53cm

Staffordshire Bull Terriers and similar sized dogs

S / M

40cm– 44cm

65cm – 80cm

53cm – 60cm

Siberian Huskies, Spaniels and similar sized dogs


45cm – 50cm

65cm – 80cm

60cm – 68cm

Siberian Huskies, Boxers and similar sized dogs


50cm – 55cm

75cm – 95cm

65cm – 72cm

German Shepherds and similar sized dogs


55cm – 60cm

90cm – 115cm

75cm – 80cm

Alaskan Malamutes, Newfoundlands and similar sized dogs


Measuring Guide

We require only one measurement for the EuroShort Dog Harness : the Collar.

Neck – Measure all of the way around your dog’s neck (1), where the dog collar usually sits.

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